Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Charles Bradley


Charles Bradley, a set on Flickr.

Oh Yes, Charles, you can get funky for me.

Via Flickr:
The impossibly funky Charles Bradley. Photographed at the Crystal Ballroom 9/7/2013 during MFNW.

All Photographs c 2013 Alicia J. Rose

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fairytales ~ The Trickster


Fairytales ~ The Trickster, a set on Flickr.

Portraits from an afternoon in the swamps of New Orleans with the nefarious trickster of Fairytales. A notorious creature whom inhabits many names and guises, he observes our earthly foibles and patiently waits for the most vulnerably opportune moments. Generous to help one out of a scrape he is, but be warned, his gifts and favors always bear a hefty price in the end.

Starring: Lee Kyle as The Trickster.
Shot on location in New Orleans, April 2011.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pitchfork premieres Menomena "TAOS' video!

Woot! Happy hotsy totsy premiere day! I'm super stoked to present my latest directorial effort to the world for the killer PDX avant-power-rock combo Menomena's sexy number "TAOS". Its the first video off their critically acclaimed 2010 album Mines.

It hit today with full bells and whistles in a news bit that co-premiered the awesome Lance Bangs' new video for R.E.M. edited by my own D.P./collaborator Aubree Bernier-Clarke! Huzzah! Click here to see the very sexy post I speak of. I could not be happier to share Pfork bandwidth with such esteemed talents - and friends. Big ups for all!

Fling your fingers to the curser and click below to view the official Youtube version of the vid - complete with beautiful singlet-themed credits by Idiot or Genius? Plus full credits in the "Details" section. See who helped bring this beast to be! Hot Times Ahead!!!

There has been some truly amazing press on the heels of the premiere - WOWZA. Fan up my spanky Facebook Page or Twitter bits to get the latest! And feel free to comment here if you have any Q's or P's.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Menomena TAOS teaser goes LIVE!

Woot! My smokin' hot editor Slater Dixon and I put together this equally as hot 24 second teaser for "TAOS", the new Menomena video I recently directed. This gives just a tickle of what's to come Thursday when the whole hoo-ha premieres on indie godhead blog

GET READY - your inter-gender wrestling alter-ego fantasies are ALL about to come true...

drumroll please.....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

holy crap, my friends are BALLERS

The excitement continues here at AJRPhoto HQ, with all kindsa fun bits bopping about the cosmos. As you have probably figured out, I like to photograph my amazing and talented friends in Portland. As it happens with brilliant inspiring kinfolk, their careers are all blowing the F up! Goodness, I feel are the highlights!

1. My new music video - for Menomena's incredible song "TAOS" is done and delivered as of this morning. Wow. To date the biggest, baddest and most insane production that i've ever been a part of, i'm now the proud mama of my favorite music video ever. I am still feeling a slight bit in denial awe that this nugget was borne of my brain loins, but with the help of a giant team of magical Portlanders, it was made. There is some kind of fancy premiere in the works, i will post thusly upon any news. All i have to say for now is this: HOLY SHITBALLS - GO MENOMENA. Catch them on tour starting Friday!

2. And then there's my dear pal Naomi Pomeroy of deliciously sinful PDX bistro BEAST, whom I've been a devoted fan of since the funky early '00's, and who has been launching through the stratosphere at a crazy rate lately! Following a 2010 James Beard Award nomination, and a turn on Iron Chef America with loads of excellent press (O mag - wha?), just announced bid on Season 3 of one of my FAVE TV franchises of all time Top Chef Masters!! Knowing the ass-kicking ninja chef mama that she is, I'm sure she'll more than hold her own in the reality TV arena. I can't wait to watch the drama and snackage unfold! Here's a link to the oddly increasingly infamous photos I took of Naomi and her sassy partner in crime/sous-chef Mika Paredes a while back. I'm so proud of this woman!! Best of luck to her!

Beauty And The Beast

3. Help me make a music video with Golden Bloom!
Shawn Fogel, the multi-talented afro'd dumpling that is Boston's Golden Bloom, has started a Kickstarter Fund to produce a new music video in PDX with yours truly directing. Its going to be awesome, he's the bestest. We did a hilarious photo shoot last year that has won him lots of attention, help us make a video that will continue his adorable domination of the universe!

In other news, I will be leaving for SXSW in a couple weeks, and am stoked to be a guest Mentor at 2pm thursday at the convo, if you need some advice. I'll also be palling around with my oft collaborator and management client Holcombe Waller and seeing Menomena and AgesandAges about a million times. Can't wait!

And please - help keep me company online on FaceFlop, Tweetster, and Tremblr. It gets lonely here sometimes!

More soon dear peeples!

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